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Jedinečné ochutnávky slovenských vín v tme

Unique tastings of slovak wines in the dark

Discover the wonderful world of aromas and flavors that will be revealed to you after the lights go out!

Historic cellar in Bratislava city center

Tastings take place in historic cellar from 15th century

Slovak wines from small family wineries

Discover small local wineries that you have never heard of

An extraordinary experience in the dark

Experience rest, relaxation and discover how your senses are strengthened in complete darkness

Public tastings with sommelier in the dark

An interesting, informative and entertaining evening based on the effect of darkness on our senses.

English (only selected dates)
Duration ~ 2 hours
In the dark Yes

Quick tasting

Ochutnajte náš výber 9 vín pre daný týždeň. Každou 2cl sample will be explained to you by our staff.

Duration ~ 20 minutes
In the dark No
Availability Thu - Mon 10:00 - 17:40
  • first 3 wines - free
  • next 6 wines - 9,90 €

Tasting in the dark

New! Try a tasting in the dark with English audio. During 40 minutes you will taste 4 samples (4cl) of Slovak wines in complete darkness.

Duration 45 minutes
In the dark Yes
Availability Thu - Mon 11:00 - 16:00
  • 4 samples 4cl each
  • 18,90 €

It's strange how time flies when it's completely dark

Thus, after the opening word, the lights go out completely and we start pouring the first sample of wine. After pouring the wine, we will not reveal anything about it at all! Neither color, nor variety, nor manufacturer. We will start to focus only on what's important. On our senses, on the art of understanding the scents and aromas, to master the technique of smelling, tasting, evaluating body of the wine, the health of the wine, but also combining it with food.

Even subconscious prejudices go by the wayside in the dark. Seeing the color of a drink before tasting it already affects our brain. Some guests even said — “It was great that no one can see each other and then you have no problem saying anything. No one is looking at me. It was so liberating”

Finally, after each wine sample, we will start asking you about the color (which is often not so clear to determine), the variety and classification according to residual sugar (also very polite). We will then present the wine to you, add a few points of interest and continue with another sample. There will be a total of 7 of them + one surprise and the tasting will last two hours.

Tastings for organized groups

Private tastings in the premises of a beautiful historic cellar from the 15th century at Michalská street 3 in Bratislava, in the courtyard of the Palace Apartments hotel. The place breathes history. After the end, the guests step out onto the pedestrian zone into the traditional atmosphere of the old town.

Skvelý zážitok, pri ktorom som zmenila názor na suché vínko a príležitosť lepšie spoznať samotné víno, jeho chuť, vôňu atď. Príjemná atmosféra:)

Kristína Palsovicsová

Why we created tastings in the dark

Wine consumption in Slovakia is supported by our wines to the extent of only about 60%. The rest of the wines we drink must be imported from abroad.

Our dream is to increase this percentage radically. To increase the demand for Slovak wines and to help wine growers and wine makers to develop, plant more vineyards and support the economy of our own country. Therefore, we mainly choose wines from smaller wine makers, which are often unknown to you. First of all, we are looking for those manufacturers who give their heart and soul into their work.

Therefore, we try to teach people to understand wine, distinguish quality and to show that also in Slovakia, we can also make quality and exceptionally delicious wines. In addition, if we succeed with this, and we will not import so much wine from all over the world (when we can drink what we already have under our noses), our planet will return thanks to us for sure.

But how to reach the great mass of people for the common good? We had to bring something different, something special and interesting. Ladies and gentlemen, we present our tastings in the dark.

"I believe that all guests at our tastings will discover that it is not a magic or ability of just a few gifted people to feel so many smells and tastes in the wine. I also believe that they will leave with a smile and enthusiasm, same as the guestson the photo on the left, I could not say no and we took a photo together 🙂"

Tibor Kiss

— holder of sommelier certificate from Czech Wine Institute

Často kladené otázky

Where do the tastings take place?

Our wine tastings in the dark for public take place in Bratislava, Panskaulica 7 in the cellar space under the pub Dolnozemska krcma.

This space is also used for private / corporate events, but we also have more places in the city and its surroundings, depending on your requirements (number of people, projector for conference, menu, accommodation, etc.). Feel free to ask for more details.

Will it be completely in the dark?

Yes, it will . All the time except for introduction, we will gradually get used to it, and at the end when I bring you something to eat.

Is it addressed only for wine connoisseurs?

Not at all. Wine knowledge and experience don't play a role in the sensory perception of the wine in the dark. On the contrary, those who say that they don'tunderstand the wine and that only someone long and well-trained can feel vanilla, plum and white pepper in the wine, will enjoy it . It's the same like in the cinema, when two different people come to see the same good movie - a film expert and an ordinary person who just wants to have fun and relax.

What wines will be there?

This is a surprise, so that no subconscious prejudices arise and moreover, it is extremely entertaining for guests if they don't know the color of the wine they drink. I will only reveal that all of them are Slovak wines.

Wines are from one wine maker?

No, they are not. From seven wines, some vinecultures repeat, some appear only once. The selection varies according to offer, season, and my most conscientious choice.

What if Iwill be afraid in the dark?

If you suffer from panic fear of the dark, it probably won't be the right thing for you. However, from my experience I know, that hearing my voice all the time, perceiving each other sitting and drinking wine together in a good mood, you don't need to worry about anything. Besides that, I will fully engage you during the degustation in a natural discussion and evaluation of the wine, so you won't have time to be afraid.