Whoare we

We deliberately conduct the tastings so that the result is experience of wine, sense-perception and pleasant atmosphere. That's why it is possible to experience the tasting in another "light" than in winery. In addition, we put emphasis on our own choice of wines and, above all, we give priority to smaller, honest and little-known Slovak wineries that favor quality over quantity.

We use the name “ABOUT US” intentionally. There are also other people behind the quality who, with their honest work and quality ingredients, help to make guests leave with smile and experience. Starting with family wineries themselves, to housewives who give us goodies, and to all those who ensure that the event can come through in the form and quality that you can experience with us.

All this is covered by the civil association/non-profit organization Dionyzos. All revenues collected from tastings tickets are used to rent the premises, secure the goods, advertising, website service and other operational or promotional expenses of OZ Dionyzos. No business activity profit is generated from gained resources.

I believe that all guests of our degustations will discover that it's not a magic or ability of a few gifted people to feel so many smells and flavors in the wine. I also believe that they will leave with a smile and enthusiasm, same as guests on the photo.

Whytastings in the dark?

Our mission is to improve the world. Do you ask if it is possible through the wine? It is possible through enlightenment about how to distinguish quality and how to support local quality producers. Everything is related to everything. For example, if you buy cheap low-quality product from the other side of the globe, you support transport that is not environmentally friendly. And at the same price, you could support local producer, get higher quality products and accelerate the economy. Maybe you don't know about anyone like that or it's difficult to get product like that. Services and awareness are still insufficient. That's just what we're here for. High-quality wine is just one of our instruments. Watch this nice short video explaining how everything starts with us and everything goes back to us.

Where do the ticketmoney actually go to?

For money we collect from tickets, we buy wine from wine makers, pay for premises, technology, website costs, its management and marketing. In other words, for running of tastings itself, so they will be worth it and they will be an experience and relaxation for you.

We accumulate the remaining finances to achieve goals described below. In addition, there are objectives that aren't listed there, such as effort to organize an independent wine evaluation committee - respectively wine competition, based on innovative rules, but also the establishment of new vineyards. Why? This is important. Did you know that Slovakia fell from over 40,000 hectares of vineyards to today's 8,000? Theviticulture is on its knees. And viticulture = agriculture.

As a sign that we don't make any profits and we don't do business, our civil association don't even have a trade license. This is because we really don't do business and therefore, we don't need it. Actually, we don't even sell wine that you will like here with us. We prefer to direct you back to our wine makers who produce the wine. Do you also see that vicious circle of support behind that? We hope so.

Ourvision and goals

We are clear about what goals we have ahead of us, and how can they help us to improve the world we live in. From small steps to larger ones, over time we will work through with the help of those who support us until the finish line. Once we reach the goal, we will determine a larger goal again. On the infographics below, we always show you the most recent milestone of our vision.

We are supported byRestaurants, hotels, coffee shops, wineries...we are happy to help. Thank you