Who we are?

Tibor Kiss

We conduct tastings deliberately so that the result is an experience of wine, sensory perception and a pleasant atmosphere. That is why it is possible to experience the tasting in a different "light" than in the winery. In addition, we place emphasis on our own selection of wines and give prominence primarily to smaller, honest and little-known Slovak wineries that prioritize quality over quantity.

We use the name "About Us" on purpose. Other people are behind the quality, and with their honest work and quality ingredients, they contribute to the guests leaving with a smile and an experience. Starting from the family wineries themselves to the housekeepers who supply us with goodies and all those who ensure that the event can take place in the form and quality that you have the opportunity to experience with us.

I believe that all the guests at our tastings will discover that smelling so many aromas and flavors in wine is not magic, nor the ability of a gifted few. I also believe that they will leave smiling and excited like the guests in the photo.

Why tastings in the dark?

Are you wondering if this is possible through wine? This is possible through education on how to distinguish quality and how to support it local quality producers. Everything is related to everything. For example, if you buy cheap, low-quality goods from the opposite side of the globe, you are supporting transport burdening the environment. At the same time, you could support a local producer with the same funds, get better quality products and more you accelerate the economy. Maybe you don't know about any or it's problematic to get to that product. Services and awareness are still insufficient. That's why s me here we Quality wine is only one of our resources. Watch this nice short video explaining how everything starts with us and everything comes back to us.